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" - "    What Clients are Saying    " -"


"I can feel things shifting already, and believe me, I have been very skeptical in the past about some of these things, but I just know it is happening on a very deep level. I am so glad that I am doing this for myself, and grateful for the work you are doing. I can feel your integrity and commitment, and it is beautiful. Thank you!"  Kim LMT. Sedona, AZ.


Your combined therapies to help with pain management and stress reduction, assisting people to quickly release unproductive thought patterns that hold them back in life and replace them with positives. During session he actually conducted a deep relaxing, releasing & reconnecting 20 minute session of guided meditation Thanks you, Cynthia Az.


Your beautiful healing and wellness services in such a broad range of modalities. I truly benefited from the session. Being guided through a deep, relaxing session with body movement. I came out of the experience renewed, relaxed, and energized. You absolutely have to experience this for yourself! Thank you, Sandra


 "I wanted to say thank you to you for the Reiki Healing Session you did with me when I saw you in January. Since returning to Michigan, the intense pain at the site of "my wings" has dissipated. My shoulder blades and upper back are completely free of pain. I also want to thank for allowing me to be in your presence and witness the miracle of your Healing Energy. Alex you are extremely inspiring. I'm so excited! Enjoy! Enjoy! Take care love and blessings." Liz, Michigan


 "The session with you, was truly amazing. I can still feel the tingle. I wish my husband would have done it. It would absolutely change his life even more profoundly than it helped me. And I had some ideas come together yesterday I can see how they will all work together toward the same positive end. Finding my purpose and specialties for the next five years. That is pretty long term for me to plan since usually I don't plan more than 6 months in advance. I actually feel more clear headed and lighter than I have in years. I feel very cleansed and knowing that feeling will last. I'll be in touch."  Naomi, TX.


"You have been a god sent to me. You have helped me to gain the strength to face the fears that have held me back and to move forward in my quest to find myself. To not doubt myself and to trust what I know. To always love and be true to me. Thank you for assisting me in meeting my Spirit Guides, Guardian Angels, and Power Animals. It was a blessing to receive the messages from my grandmother whom I miss greatly. I know I am so blessed to know you. I thank you with all my heart and soul."  Nic. - L V.


 "It was lovely meeting you and I really do appreciate your caring efforts. I can honestly say I felt wonderful this evening where normally I would have had to take a nap before dinner, just to get enough energy to cook something. I will be in touch tomorrow and let you know how my body and spirit are responding tomorrow. Warm regards."  Faye Realtor, AZ.


 "I so enjoyed meeting you. You were such a tremendous help to me when I was feeling the grief for a friend and her situation. When you used the Tuning Forks it enhanced my abilities, and I was able to contact my deceased brother(only moments later) through Automatic Writing. Thank you! You made my healing experience so much better."  Tammy, Ca.


 "I have been to physical therapists, other massage therapists, chiropractors, and three doctors that wanted to fuse my cervical vertebrae in order to fix the three degenerative discs in my neck. There was so much pain; I could not sleep more than two hours at a time. I got immediate pain reduction, and slept for 4 hours straight that night for the first time in years. That was years ago. I am pain free and no surgery needed."  Trish S, CA.


 "Still flying high in my 40s, thanks to you! 5X Gold Medalist,

 US Diving Masters Champion" 

David Cotton, Gold Medalist Diver