~`For  The  Care  And  Healing Of  Your


  Body,  Mind, Heart  And Soul`~

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Creator taught us a lot about Family* Clans* Tribes*... about our Relations* &~*Relationships ~*Friendships and all the wonderful things you can accomplish working together.

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Creator taught us about being true to oneself. Learning to trust oneself before your can trust another. And

all of the wonderful creative ideas one can utilize to accomplish a need, a desire, a dream... no matter who or how small you are!

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I am with the Thunderbird Clan. ~Your Intuit Conduit from Old Hawaii. The Aloha Navajo with Spiritual Insight. I am here to teach awareness that we are all ONE.

~Mitakuye Oyasin~ = >.We are all related(').

We are all heading in the same direction to learn our own unique paths. The spark of the collective consciousness burns strongly within all of us.

We need to respect one another without prejudices, to recognize no matter what path we have chosen, we are all traveling to the same destination. Any way we go up the mountain leads to the same summit.

I will assist you to learn and understand the philosophy that actually reflects the higher level of spiritual consciousness.

Let us achieve the spiritual awareness, not allow ourselves to be influenced by others, that there is only 1 way! Let us remove the veils of illusion that

obstruct clear thinking!

To see the reality. I teach these techniques.

Concentrating on the abilities of the spiritual mind.


         **** JOY **** JOY **** JOY **** JOY ****

I am with the Thunderbird Clan. ~Your "Intuit Conduit from Old Hawaii. The Aloha Navajo with Spiritual Insight.I am here to teach and encourage you to reach your own natural state of ****JOY****which adds a lightness and sense of adventure to our roads we travel.

I am here to assist to lifts the moods of our emotions with lightheartedness, through your own connection with truth and freedoms from rigid belief systems, stiff religions and prejudices.

Allow me to assist you to forge the way ahead in preparation of the planting and harvesting within and for, a good-life connected to creator, animals and plants, nature. I am here to help you, `humanity release it's past karma so we all can move forward to a true future of ****JOY****. I support the bringing of freedom within the bringing of personal accountability into all our lives. For all to achieve personal responsibility and accountability which is the key of the trans-person-al pattern.

          ~Keia Ha No Maluhia~ = This Breath is for Peace= ****JOY ****

“CREATOR taught us a lot about Friendship, Trust, Love, Value  and all the things you can accomplish as a Peaceful and Compassionate person.”

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